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Semi Skimmed

Full Fat



76p per pint glass bottle, Organic is 80p per bottle

Orange Juice 

£1.05 per pint glass bottle

Apple Juice 

£1.20 per pint glass bottle



Extra-large eggs (73g+) in ½ dozen boxes.

£1.55 per box

About our products

Delivering milk in a returnable pint glass bottle has always been our forte; long long before it became universally accepted, we were aware of the drawbacks of plastic and whilst washing and sterilizing and rinsing glass bottle would result in more expensive, long term it would prove more beneficial to everyone’s wellbeing.

Semi-Skimmed milk accounts for 75% of the milk we deliver, Full Fat 15% and Skimmed 10% and all of it comes from farms in the Rivers Tyne & Derwent Valleys so long-distance haulage is not a delivery factor.

Organic milk is becoming very popular and accounts for about 15% of our sales. Again, supplied in returnable glass bottles in full fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed and sourced from a single farm near Darlington.

Local and sustainable produce from local farms

Eggs & OJ

Continuing our theme of carrying local products, we supply extra-large eggs (73g+) from Derwentside on ½ dozen boxes. If these cartons can be re-used most customers return them to us and we can provide containers for protection if needed.

Our fresh orange juice from concentrate is popular and extra is always carried on our trucks. As many families leave notes as and when they require this item.

Payment Options

Our roundsmen collect payments usually on a Monday/Tuesday evening every four weeks and this can be in cash or cheque form. As we appear to be heading towards a cashless environment payment can be made by bank transfer for when we shall submit a four-weekly bill.

We are currently looking into Direct Debit payments as an alternative payment method.

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